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E-Mail : info@housinghelpcentre.ca

119 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 3Z3
Access To Housing
Access to Housing provides a point of access for people who want to apply for subsidized housing.

Addiction Guide
For comprehensive and up-to-date information about addiction check out the website.

Bed Bugs
To understand and access the City of Hamilton help site.

City of Hamilton 2013 Food Access Guide
A comprehensive guide of where food can be obtained, whether for free or for a low cost.

Emergency Food
Information about food banks, meals & the Soup Van in Hamilton.

Everyone has a home...Home is the foundation
A 3 minute video introduction to the Housing and Homelessness Action Plan.

Financial Support
A list of financial assistance programs available at the Housing Help Centre.

Goods & Clothing
Information about finding affordable furniture, household goods & clothing.

Hamilton PAWS
Helping to prevent homelessness for people with animal companions.

Head Lice
Head lice are easily transmitted and difficult to get rid of without proper shampoo and combs. The City of Hamilton has Bug Buster Clinics that can help with low cost shampoos and combs.

Get a better understanding of what hoarding is.

Housing & Homelessness Action Plan
The City of Hamilton has a new ten 10-year person-centred Action Plan to make sure everyone in Hamilton has a home.

LINKS Voice Mail
Canít afford a telephone? A private, reliable way to receive important telephone messages.

Newcomers to Hamilton
For the latest information and support to help newcomers to Hamilton.

One Stop for Businesses
Providing access to key services and resources for Hamilton Businesses in one convenient location.

Utility Arrears
If you are having trouble with utility arrears, contact the City of Hamilton for assistance.

Woodgreen Community Services
A bedbug resource manual.