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Landlord Engagement Specialists are here to help you!
The Housing Help Centre continues to offer a range of housing related supports to tenants. In addition,
The Centre has recently begun a Landlord Engagement Program which provides specialized
assistance to landlords and housing providers in the community. The two Landlord Engagement
Specialists working in this program can provide assistance to landlords experiencing tenancy issues,
offer education and guidance on legislated standards and landlord rights and responsibilities, as well
as help to identify resources and to access support services. We look forward to working with landlords
to establish successful relationships that will be to the benefit of everyone. If you have any questions
regarding the services which are available on the free listing service, Housing Connect at, please contact Steve and Paul.
For more information contact one of our landlord specialists:
Paul McAlister -
Steven Rimmington -
Bed Bug Information Event for Landlords and Property Managers:
Thurs Mar 15th, 2018